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Evicted at Gunpoint: Wells Fargo vs. cancer patient…

My friend Niko Black has lived in the home she owns for over twenty years. She was perplexed when Wells Fargo took possession of her home and then evicted her — especially since she doesn’t have a mortgage or account with them at all. How could Wells Fargo take control over a home they don’t own?

Niko posted a court order protecting her from eviction on her door, but local police broke into her home and forced her to leave at gunpoint as she struggled to pull her frail body into her wheelchair.

I know that other people like Niko have used successfully to stop banks from foreclosing on them — that’s why I started a petition asking Wells Fargo to comply with a federal court order and allow my friend Niko back into her home. Click here to sign my petition.

Niko has a rare form of cancer that keeps her homebound. Her health is so fragile that she had a seizure during the eviction — and she says the police did nothing to help her as she grasped for her medication. It wasn’t even until another friend arrived at the scene that an ambulance was called.

Niko’s home is specially set-up to assist her daily nursing care and physical therapy. The head of her hospital has even written in support of returning her home immediately. Each day that Niko cannot access her home care jeopardizes her critically unstable condition. I can’t stand to see my friend continue to suffer.

Click here now to sign my petition asking Wells Fargo to allow my friend Niko back into her home and stop this unlawful foreclosure — before her condition worsens.

Thank you for your support.

Linda Rife
Friend of Niko Black
Tustin, CA


Naming the Dead Bring the troops home by Christmas

Afghanistan Protest
Sunday October 7
Trafalgar Square London

On the 11th anniversary of the start of the war on Afghanistan, Stop the War is organising a Naming of the Dead ceremony in Trafalgar Square, commemorating those killed — both Afghan civilians and British soldiers.

The protest will also demand that the British government end its involvement in an unjustifed and futile war now and bring all the troops home by Christmas.

The ceremony will be led by Joan Humphries, whose grandson was killed in Afghanistan. She will be joined by Paul Flynn MP, who was recently expelled from parliament for accusing the government of lying about Afghanistan

Also participating will be Mitra Quayoom from Afghans for Peace, actor Celia Mitchell, journalist Victoria Britain, Jeremy Corbyn MP, actor Miriam Margolyes, musician Dave Randall


Fox News? John Ellis, George Bush’s cousin… Wake Up

Who was in charge at Fox News back in 2000 when Gore won the popular vote? George Bush’s cousin – John Ellis – jumped in and called Bush the winner of Florida and all the other networks crumbled….


What would Jesus do? Reflections on 9/11

Sept 19, 2001
City View -DM IA
“What would Jesus do?”

Last Tuesday, Father Frank Cordaro turned on the television and saw
planes flying into the World Trade Center. He saw the Pentagon on
fire. He saw “this awful, awful thing.” And then he did what he does
every day. He prayed — “for all the people suffering, for this country
and for the people of the world.” … Cordaro was horrified at the
carnage in New York — and at the rhetoric of war, “beating the drums
for war and revenge. War is not the answer. War is the problem. War is
the enemy.”

For three decades, Cordaro has been seeking and preaching peace. He
committed his first act of civil disobedience on August 9, 1977, when
he poured blood on the Pentagon, what he calls “that bloody place.”
… Cordaro has lost count of the number of times he has been
arrested; he has served 38 months in prison for breaking the law to
make his witness for peace. Behind bars is the right place to be, he
says, “because it’s where Jesus was, among the murderers and thieves.”

Cordaro disagrees with those who compare last week’s attacks with
Pearl Harbor. “It isn’t Pearl Harbor,” he says. “It’s Hiroshima.”
Cordaro makes the point that the Pearl Harbor attack was a strategic
attack by a military force against another military force, whereas on
September 11, some guys with plane tickets and box cutters tore apart
the lives of folks who were going to work or on the job. That, he
says, is more akin to Hiroshima, “where we set a moral climate that
makes collateral damage acceptable.”

Cordaro is delivering a message many Americans, many Iowans may not
want to hear right now: “Human beings did this. Human beings like us.
These were not Martians. It’s a desperate cry – ‘we’re bringing to
your land what you brought to ours.’ ” But he believes he’s on solid
ground here and cites the Sermon on the Mound: “But I say to you, love
your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you… When someone
strikes you on (your) right cheek, turn the other one to him as well.”

What do we do now? … “We don’t say we’ll smoke them out,” Cordaro
says. “We don’t vow to wage war on those who attacked America…To get
to the heart of it, we have to look at ourselves, Our signature is on
this. In Biblical terms, we sow what we reap. We created this.
Hiroshima is very much like what these people did. If we don’t try to
understand why people hate us, we’ll just get caught up “in a
whirlwind of hate and self-righteousness,” he says.

He doesn’t expect this to be a popular point of view, “It’s hard to
hear what we have to say,” he admits. “The best way to honor those who
died on September 11, is to mourn what happened that horrific day, to
grieve with those throughout the world who have lost loved ones to
terrorism and violence and to work to make sure that these are the
last lives lost to violence.”

Frank Cordaro
Phil Berrigan CW House
713 Indiana Avenue, Des Moines, IA  50314
(515) 490-2490

Link to DMCW brochure:

Link to posted Via Pacis issues from Sept 2007 to Summer 2011:


Surface Mining is Destroying Communities: Take A Stand.

Right now, two important mountains are slated for destruction in Southern West Virginia and we need your help. This week the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is taking comments on the renewal of the now expired Camp Branch Permit on Blair Mountain, as well as the Beetree Surface Mine Permit on Coal River Mountain.

If approved, these surface mines would not only contribute the destruction of nearby communities by jeopardizing the health and economies of the people living beneath them, but these two mountains have become the line in the sand for our movement.

Thousands have now raised their voices to protect Coal River Mountain and Blair Mountain. We can’t lose momentum now! Please do your part and join us in the fight to protect these communities and save these important places.

Stop Mountain Top Removal

Stop Mountain Top Removal: Destroying Mountains, Rivers, Streams, and Our Childrens Future


Take Action Now!

Submit comments for Coal River Moutnain by August 9th –
Sumbit comments for Blair Mountain by August 13th –

In 1921, 10,000 workers marched on Blair Mountain to demand basic labor rights in the largest armed uprising in the nation apart from the Civil War. Just two months ago, 1,000 people gathered in Southern West Virginia to march on the same mountain as part of the Appalachia Rising March on Blair Mountain, demanding that the mountain be preserved and rightly recognized as a National Historic Place.

Just weeks later, two tree sitters began an occupation of Coal River Mountain, which as a result, have stopped blasting on the mountain for over two weeks. This occupation is ongoing as part of the RAMPS Campaign, and continues to prevent blasting on Coal River Mountain.

Over 500 mountains have been destroyed in Appalachia due to mountaintop removal. For the safety of the citizens of Blair and those in the Coal River Valley, please take action today and help us prevent these two mountains from being added to that list.

Thanks for all that you do!

Matt Wasson