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Ending Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia

57% of informed voters oppose the practice of mountaintop removal coal mining, versus 20% approving.

And even more astoundingly, when asked about increasing Clean Water protections on mountaintop removal, 78% of respondents supported increasing Clean Water Act protections, with just 9% opposing.

This announcement comes on the heels of a national poll released by CNN last week, showing that Americans across the country oppose mountaintop removal 57% to 36%.
These two polls give us great leverage to demand that our elected officials follow their moral compass, follow the science, and follow regional and national public opinion by ending mountaintop removal. Please take a moment to write your congressperson about this poll to make sure that they see these figures.

For the Mountains,
Matt Wasson

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Hiroshima 2011 — The People Became Nothing

by Vincent Scotti Eirene
on behalf of the Pittsburgh Catholic Worker

Thomas Merton and the Nuclear Era

On Sunday afternoon “Little Boy” was brought out in procession and devoutly tucked away in the womb of Enola Gay. That evening few were able to sleep. They were as excited as little boys on Christmas Eve. At 3:09 they reached Hiroshima and started the bomb run. The city was full of sun. The fliers could see the green grass in the gardens. No fighters rose up to meet them. There was no flack. No one in the city bothered to take cover. The bomb exploded within 100 feet of the aiming point. The fireball was 18,000 feet across. The temperature at the center of the fireball was 100,000,000 degrees. The people who were near the center became nothing. The whole city was blown to bits and the ruins all caught fire instantly everywhere, burning briskly. 70,000 people were killed right away or died within a few hours. Those who did not die at once suffered great pain. Few of them were soldiers. —from “the original child bomb” a poem by Thomas Merton


I started my  two mile trek thru farm with a home made ladder spray painted black so as not to reflect the light. a herd of cows came racing up to me, looked at me with curiosity and  I whispered to them “I am doing this for you too”. Realizing I had no food for them, the cows ran away sounding like thunder. I nervously looked up at the guard tower and noticed the search light had stopped strafing the field, aha the guard had fallen asleep. I moved quickly now, but steady. I hit the first fence, leaned up the ladder gently, and felt like I flew up and over the fence and razor wire. Once I hit the ground the motion detectors set of the alarms and the sleepy facility came to life.


Out of nowhere came 36 marines screaming, “do not move, just give me an excuse boy”. Out the dark a voice ordered me to remove my coat, to knell down, to put my hands behind my back and to cross my legs behind me. The last odd order caused a painful cramp in my leg and I fell onto my coat. The voice from the dark night screamed, “away from your coat, away from your coat”. I scurried backwards like a hermit crab. It was January 1st 1986, the cold war seemed endless and I had trespassed on our nations only nuclear bomb factory, Pantex nuclear bomb factory  in Amarillo, Texas. My punishment for this intrusion was a year in prison. I served 10 months. The cold war ended but a sense of futurelessness did not…

1986 to 2011
Decades would go by. Anti-nuclear resisters migrated to anti-iraq war activities and the environment, but nuclear weapons never sleep, nor do they need an enemy. So under the START treaty the “rehabbing” of aging nuclear weapons was allowed (read making new weapons). The new Pantex, the new nuclear bomb factory in Kansas City, Missouri, did not come out of nowhere, but is part of decades of research about the improving of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems, including unmanned flying vehicle—drones developed at CMU.

Today the new Pantex is secretly preparing the produce new nuclear weapons

the thousands of nuclear weapons sitting in world arsenals are the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War.

As this goes to press several new nuclear resisters have been released at their trial for crossing the line at hell’s new kitchen. The judge stated, “I agree with you go and do more”! The Kansas City Plant is responsible for the production and assembly of approximately 85 percent of the non-nuclear components for the U.S. nuclear arsenal. The plant is due to be relocated starting in 2012. The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), a division of the U.S. Department of Energy, has said the new facility will carry an estimated price tag of $673 million for construction. The city government has subsidized the facility’s construction with $815 million in municipal bonds. Once completed, it is thought the new Kansas City Plant will be the first nuclear weapons complex in the world to be owned by a city government. The new Kansas City facility is one of several where new nuclear weapons projects are underway. The new Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement Project at Los Alamos, N.M., is also under construction, and a new uranium processing facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn. is in the final stages before approval.

RIKUZENTAKATA, Japan—In the quiet hours just after dawn, Yasumori Matsuzaka drives through the ruins of his hometown, past the gutted hospital and the mounds of splintered wood and shattered concrete.The object of his pilgrimage: a tree. The solitary pine, which towers 100 feet above this pulverized city’s waterfront, is all that’s left of a grove of roughly 70,000 trees that once lined the beach here, and which his ancestors helped plant more than two centuries ago.
It has become a national symbol of Japan’s tenacity, clinging to life amid the destruction of the March 11 tsunami, which killed more than 20,000 people and laid waste to entire communities along the country’s northeast coast.
July 9, 2011 wall street journal
The lone pine, to me,  symbolizes the peace movement. With the US involved in four wars, the movement is exhausted— the drones bombing pakistan, the continuing wars in iraq and afganistan, the “humanitarian bomb” of lybia, now the revealing of new nuclear weapons production. To what end? For what enemy? But we rush in to save the lone pine…

Stop the Machine: The Government is not For the People.

The Government is for Corporations not for People.
Capitalism is organized crime. Congress is not for the people.
Stop the Machine! Create a New World.,

Freedom Plaza: October 6 2011, Washington DC

Civil Disobedience is the only option we have left to save not only the ecosystem that sustains life, but the nation itself. Corporate forces, unregulated, unfettered corporate forces exploit everything, human beings, the natural world, until exhaustion or collapse. Karl Marx was right. unregulated unfettered capitalism is a revolution force and it is the radicals that have seized control and know no limits. The only thing, the only word, corporations know is MORE. And they have seized all of the formal traditional mechanisms of power – the legislative branch, the judicial branch, the executive branch, as well as the attendant institutions that once made participatory democracy possible including the press, including a destruction of labor a diminishing and degradation of a public education system that once made it possible for citizens to discern and articulate their own interests. It is imperitive that all of us now stand up because we have very little time left.

We Stand With the Majority of Americans: Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed

The ecosystem itself is being ravaged at a rate that was not even predicted a few years ago by the best climate scientist. We don’t have much time left. The internal reconfiguration of the United States into a form of neo-feudalism a world of masters and serfs – a world were 2/3 of the country will live at a level of subsistence where they will struggle to provide enough food for their families to eat is the inevitable result of the corporate state and globalization. It is imperitive upon all of us to begin to realize that the institutions that we once trusted including the democratic party to watch out for our interests have become nothing more than puppets – appendages of the corporate state. We are the last thin line of defense between the disintegration of our country, between corporate forces which in theological terms are systems of death who will snuff out any possibility of a sustainable and livable future for our children. It is only by standing up, using our bodies, in acts of civil disobedience that we have any hope of thwarting the freight train of destruction that is now barreling towards up driven by the engine of corporatism and so I call on all of you please, it’s not about us anymore, it’s about our kids, it’s about our kids kids, it’s about our failure to stand up and protect the earth and protect the nation from forces that will inevitably, if we don not stop them, make life for millions and millions of people a nightmare. Sign the pledge October 2011.


More Civil Disobedience to Save our Planet: Protesting Shell in Ireland

Shell’s First Day of Peat Works ‘Severely Impeded’ by Protests

Aughoose Ireland under attack by more Big Oil Industry

Monday 25th July Shell intended to begin constructing a permanent compound in Aughoose from which to begin laying the offshore pipeline. However in a statement to Midwest radio Shell commented that works had been ‘severely impeded’ on Monday. Between a 5½ hour tripod blockade in the morning and loads of protesters on bicycles and on foot, the roads remained shut down for quite a lot of the day.

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Tim DeChristopher: Civil Disobedience to Save the Planet

By Peter Yarrow

July 26, 2011
In March, Tim DeChristopher was convicted of two felony counts for a nonviolent act of civil disobedience. Acting out of his deepest convictions and his abiding concern for the survival of humankind, Tim bid on oil and gas leases on federal land that he didn’t have the means to pay for. On Tuesday, he could be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison for his actions.

The auction Tim disrupted was being conducted during the final weeks of the George W. Bush administration, in what many believed was a push to sell one last batch of public leases before President Obama took office. Tim’s intention at the December 2008 auction was to prevent the parcels, some of them on scenic land near Arches and Canyonlands national parks, from going to oil and gas companies. Read the rest of this entry »


An Ill Wind: Coal Ash – Unregulated Toxic Business

The Moapa River Indian Reservation, tribal home of a band of Paiute Indians, sits about 30 miles north of Las Vegas—and about 300 yards from the coal ash landfills of the Reid Gardner Power Station. If the conditions are just wrong, coal ash picks up from Reid Gardner and moves across the desert like a sandstorm. The film An Ill Wind tells the Paiute Indians’ story.

Find Out More:
An Ill Wind &raquo


Mountaintop Removal is breaking covenant with God and Creation

Coal River Mountain Watch
Show your support today by asking President Obama and Congress to hold polluters accountable and to protect the Clean Air Act’s ability to crack down on carbon pollution.


More than 500 mountains have been destroyed by mountaintop removal coal mining. Watch this video of mountaintop removal featuring Woody Harrelson and a soundtrack featuring an original recording of “Blowin’ in the Wind,” sung by Willie Nelson.
This video is part of the National Memorial for the Mountains, hosted by

3 1/2 million pounds of explosives a day are being used in west virginia. THREE AND A HALF MILLION POUNDS. Literally blowing off the tops of mountains to get to the coal. The debris is then bulldozed into streams and headwaters.

Thanks to Big Oil and Dirty Coal’s millions spent on lobbying and misleading ads the Senate failed to even vote on comprehensive energy and climate legislation this year. But these big polluters aren’t stopping there. Now they, and their allies in Congress, have their sights on delaying implementation of the Clean Air Act — a landmark law that has saved lives, spurred innovation, and protected the air we breathe for 40 years.

On March 9, 2011, we announced another 60 day intent to sue Nally & Hamilton Coal Company for more than 12,000 violations of the Clean Water Act at more than a dozen of its operations in 7 eastern Kentucky counties.
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Blowing up our Mountains for India?

June 11, 2011
Fayette citizens taking aim at mountaintop removal mining
By Taylor Kuykendall Register-Herald Reporter

FAYETTEVILLE — Citizens packed the meeting of the Fayette County Commission Friday, urging the commission to speak up against a surface mining operation just 4 miles from Fayetteville.

Several residents spoke during the meeting against the surface operations of Frasure Creek Mining LLC, a West Virginia-based operation owned by the Essar Group, a company based in Mumbai, India. Opponents of the expanding operation said it results in blasts that can be heard around the county, including 7 miles away at a new adventure camp and site of the Boy Scouts National and World jamborees.


Stop Mountain Top Removal

Stop Mountain Top Removal: Destroying Mountains, Rivers, Streams, and Our Childrens Future


“We’re going to have a jamboree here in 2013,” said Levi Rose, a Fayette County citizen who has invested time in gathering information about the site. “We’re going to have blasting going on every day. So, the people that are going to this jamboree, they’re going to hear that blasting. Is that what we want? We’re bringing in all these people and resources, millions of dollars. Is that what we want?”

Rose said he was vacationing when he heard citizens were meeting with the commissioners and immediately drove back to speak with them.

“I didn’t even know this meeting was going on today,” Rose said. “I was at a beach in South Carolina, and I drove over 500 miles, eight hours, to be here. This is how important it is that this information gets out and that you commissioners know what’s going on.”

Rose compared the Frasure site, and other mountaintop removal sites like it, to a cancer spreading across West Virginia mountains.

An issue that hit home with several of the participants was that the company mining the coal was not a West Virginia, or even a U.S., company.

“This right here, none of it is necessary,” Rose said. “We know this is true because this coal is leaving the country. It’s not even going to our power plants. It’s going over to India.”

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Government Approval of New Deepwater Oil Drilling Ignores Gulf Disaster


Don’t let Congress create special pollution loopholes for offshore oil drilling

The House of Representatives will soon vote on H.R. 2021, a bill that would enable big offshore oil companies to dodge air pollution standards that protect our health and environment. Instead of giving the oil industry a free pass to pollute, Congress should hold companies to the highest standards and protect our air and coastal communities. Urge your representative to vote No on H.R. 2021.

Off Shore Drilling- Oil Spill - Stop the Madness

Off Shore Drilling- Oil Spill - Stop the Madness

The federal government illegally authorized new deepwater drilling by claiming that risky operations will cause no significant harm to the environment despite last year’s BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, said four environmental groups in a court filing today. The coalition challenged government approval of Shell’s plan to conduct new deepwater exploratory drilling off Alabama’s coast in waters 2,000 feet deeper than the BP Deepwater Horizon even though regulators acknowledge that the operations may result in an oil spill 10 times bigger than last year’s disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Defenders of Wildlife, Center for Biological Diversity, Natural Resources Defense Council and the Southern Environmental Law Center filed suit in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta.

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Run Your Car on Tap Water? Yes you Can!

The History of Science is the History of the Suppression of Great Inventions

Right now we have energy monopolies and cartels that will do anything to keep their pockets full and supress the technology that already exists to supply everyone with free energy.

We have opec and the 7 sister oil companies that control all the oil and energy
the people who run the energy business in this world, which is the biggest business
on the planet, turning over 4-5 trillion dollars a year, it’s bigger than guns and drugs, it’s bigger than defense – they control the newspapers, they control the governments, these companies are so big that they regulate the goverment which regulates them…

Run Your Car on Tap Water? Yes you Can!
US inventor Stan Meyers released his water powered engine in the us in 1988. the pentagon flew in a colonel to check it out. meyers invention.

Bruce De Palma (Inventor of the N-Machine) talks about one of the pivotal people he encounted in his career was Edgar J. Mitchell, a former apollo mission astronaut who founded founded the neuretics___ institute in southern california. the institutes charter was supposedly to develop alternative energy systems by attratcting inventors from all over the country. Mitchell became extremely interested in DePalma’s N Machine. He made De Palma a paltry offer to buy out the invention which De Palma naturally refused. DePalma recollects that Mitchell said to him “that if I ever tried anything on my own in California that I would get my head blown off. So I was scared to death. The CIA operates through various innocent looking fronts to find out what people are thinking and what they are inventing. ” There is no progressive science in a world where every scientific idea is evaluated for its military potential.

What’s more innocent than a denying institute founded on transendental principles to help new age inventors bring free energy to the world.

Tom Brown (former director borderland science foundation) If you invent a free energy machine…. That situation still exists in the United States today where a person who really understands what’s going on just can’t get their idea out because the alternative science and medical fields have been coopted by the intelligence services.

Les Banki (australian inventor water fuel appliances). For over a decade there have been private individuals running their cars on water. Somehow the news got out and one day he got visitors and he was told to dump the engine or else. 3 weeks later the man was dead and the corinors finding was that he fell off a train that we was drunk – but it just happens that he didn’t drink.

Stan DEYO (former FBI Operative/Author) Power, our energy and control of energy, equals power in the new world order which is emerging. If you control energy ( the way we get around, the way we get our electricity, the way we have our tvs and video cameras and stuff ) then you’ve got control of the people.

Everything in this universe is free energy. tesla –