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Save Yellowstone from Big Coal!

Yellowstone National park is a national treasure, home to grizzly bears and some of the last herds of free-roaming bison. Every year, over 3 million people visit to see these animals, to watch Old Faithful blow its top, and to view the sunset over Yellowstone Falls.1

Unfortunately, dirty coal pollution is ruining the view. Haze from a nearby coal-fired plant makes it hard to enjoy these sunsets, or take in the majesty of the roaming bison herds.

Right now, the EPA is taking comments on a plan to cut nearby coal pollution, but they need your support. Tell the EPA to protect Yellowstone National Park from dirty coal pollution today.

Yellowstone is as special to Americans as baseball and apple pie, but coal executives are fighting the EPA’s plan to protect the park. They’d rather tarnish its beauty with toxic emissions than put pollution controls on a coal-fired power plant in Montana.

Let’s show Big Coal that we won’t let them destroy one of our country’s national treasures by sending 30,000 comments to the EPA. Send your comment now!

Yellowstone was America’s first National Park — founded in 1872. We need to make sure it stays as pristine now, as it was then. Strong pollution standards will ensure our kids and grandkids experience the park the way it was intended — clean, clear, and unspoiled.

Make sure the next generation can experience Old Faithful and Yellowstone Falls without looking through toxic air. Urge the EPA to protect Yellowstone National Park today.

Thanks for all you do for the environment,

Mike Scott
Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club

P.S. – After you have taken action, forward this message to your friends.

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1Yellowstone National Park Reports, Annual Visitation (All Years), National Park Service Public Use Statistics Office. Accessed, March 29, 2012.


Get Monsanto out of the White House

In 2009, President Obama appointed the infamous Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto lawyer-lobbyist, as Food Safety Czar in the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), and Tom Vilsack, Iowa’s former Biotech Governor of the Year (an award from the industry organization representing Monsanto and the other genetic engineering companies), as Secretary of the US Department of Agriculture.

Sign Food Democracy Now’s Petition to Stop “Pink Slime”

What are some of the consequences of having Monsanto’s foxes guarding our food safety hen house? The following alerts are a couple of examples of Taylor & Vilsack’s worst crimes, followed by an action link to put pressure on President Obama to drop these guys before the 2012 election.

Pink Slime is the process of keeping these leftover trimmings, spinning them around to break up the meat from the fat, and then dousing the lean meat with ammonia to kill the E. Coli. This process also thins the beef, creating about 15% more meat. It has been estimated that almost 70% of the beef in America includes this ammonia treated filler. Read more: McDonald's No Longer Selling "Pink Slime" Beef Treated With Ammonia | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

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Monsanto – bringing agent orange back from the dead

Next week, the USDA will decide whether to allow Monsanto and Dow to introduce one half of the chemical mixture Agent Orange into our food supply. Widescale use of Roundup has led to a new generation of resistant weeds, and the next step in the pesticide arms race is 2,4-D — a chemical linked to cancer, Parkinson’s and reproductive problems.

Stop Agent Orange and Monsanto

Monsanto - bringing agent orange back from the dead.

Farmers that sign up to use genetically-engineered 2,4-D-resistant corn will be required to spray down their fields with both 2,4-D and Roundup, double-dosing our food, our soil and our waterways with the toxins. Some experts estimate this will increase the use of 2,4-D 50-fold, even though the EPA says the chemical is already our seventh-largest source of dioxins — nasty, highly toxic chemicals that bioaccumulate as they move up the food chain and cause cancer, developmental damage, and birth defects.

We can stop this. The use of 2,4-D is banned entirely in parts of Canada and Europe, and right now the US Department of Agriculture is accepting public comments on 2,4-D to decide whether or not to approve the widespread industrial use of the toxin.

Add your name to our letter to the USDA urging them to deny approval for Dow’s 2,4-D-resistant GMO corn.

This is part of a growing problem, an escalating herbicide war going on across America’s heartland. From 1996 to 2008, herbicide usage increased by 383 million pounds. Nearly half of this took place between 2007 and 2008 after the introduction of another strain of herbicide-resistant plant pushed by Dow. Like Roundup before it, 2,4-D is only a temporary solution that will require more and more tons of toxins and more and more potent chemicals leaching into our food supply.

2,4-D is nasty stuff and has been linked to a number of health problems, such as tripling the rates of non-Hodgkins lymphoma in Nebraska farmworkers exposed to it and causing reproductive problems — birth defects and high rates of miscarriage — in both mice and men exposed to it in the lab and field.

Tell the USDA – we don’t want Monsanto’s toxic pesticide.

-Kaytee, Claiborne Taren and the rest of the team