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End Mountaintop Removal Now

I love Mountains: End Mountaintop Removal

This Saturday over 150 people will travel from across the country to Washington DC for the 7th Annual End Mountaintop Removal Week in Washington. Together they will blanket DC with one clear message: Stop Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia.

For years we’ve lobbied Congress. This year, we’re raising our voices a little louder. But we won’t be successful without YOUR help.

Mark your calendar for one week from today and join thousands on June 6th, and demand an end to mountaintop removal coal mining.

You don’t have to travel to DC to take a stand against one of the most serious human rights violations happening in our country today. 

Next week, support our mountain heroes by calling on your Congressperson to support the Clean Water Protection Act:

  1. Set up an in-district meeting with your local Congressional office or just drop by. Setting up a meeting is simple! Here’s how.
  2. Join our National Call-in Day

This simple action will have a huge impact.

We have many champions fighting with us in Congress – 121 to date – but many more who have repeatedly turned a blind eye to the deadly situation in Appalachia, or worse — actively campaigned to weaken what little protections exist. But it’s time to stand up to those bad actors and demand more, because Appalachia deserves better.

We will win, but we need you more than ever. Big Coal has taken note of our progress – and they are working overtime to erase our victories and block the passage of this bill.

Stand with us on June 6th.

For the Mountains,

Matt Wasson

If you can’t come but want to help others attend, donate here to support the 7th Annual End Mountaintop Removal Week in Washington.

P.S. — Please help us spread the word on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.


Beekeepers Win Ban on Monsanto’s GMOs in Poland

Monsanto’s Mon810 corn, genetically engineered to produce a mutant version of the insecticide Bt, has been banned in Poland following protests by beekeepers who showed the corn was killing honeybees.

Poland is the first country to formally acknowledge the link between Monsanto’s genetically engineered corn and the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) that’s been devastating bees around the world. Many analysts believe that Monsanto has known the danger their GMOs posed to bees all along. The biotech giant recently purchased a CCD research firm, Beeologics, that government agencies, including the US Department of Agriculture, have been relying on for help unraveling the mystery behind the disappearance of the bees.

Now that it’s owned by Monsanto, it’s very unlikely that Beeologics will investigate the links, but genetically engineered crops have been implicated in CCD for years now.

Take action!



Push Button. Save Planet.

Push button. Save planet.

By now you don’t need to be convinced that climate change is happening. Record-setting heat waves, storms, and droughts are all occurring with increased intensity and regularity, making change visible to all.

But while we’re all familiar with the problem, solutions haven’t been as simple to talk about. In fact, it often feels like there’s very little any one individual can do.

Until today.

Sign here to support the EPA’s historic limit on carbon pollution.

For the first time ever, the EPA has proposed a limit on carbon pollution. It’s a courageous and critical step toward curbing carbon emissions from fossil-fuel-fired power plants and solving the climate crisis.

And it’s your opportunity to take real action.

By clicking here you will be signing and sending a message to the White House that this measure is a step in the right direction — a direction of leadership on the issue of climate-altering carbon pollution. It could just be the most important click you ever make.

Support the EPA’s historic limit on carbon pollution — then pass this on to your friends so they can sign, too.

Push button. Save planet. (Clicking this link will automatically sign your name to the petition!)


Maggie L. Fox
President and CEO
The Climate Reality Project

Take a moment to add your voice.
Tell our leaders that it’s time to real steps toward solving the climate crisis.
Push button to sign now.


Stop Feeding Our Babies Genetically Engineered Infant Formula and Baby Food

Gerber, Abbott Nutrition Labs, Mead Johnson, Walmart, Kellogg’s and the Federal Government are force-feeding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to the most vulnerable among us: our children.


Nearly all of our infant formula, including every one of the millions of bottles distributed free by the government, contains genetically engineered corn or soy, as well as milk from cows injected by bovine growth hormone.

The FDA doesn’t conduct or even require a single safety study on GMOs. They allow companies like Monsanto to do their own safety tests. Keep in mind that the FDA also assured us that Monsanto’s past products – DDT, PCBs and Agent Orange – were perfectly safe. This was before they were banned. Today, Monsanto can put GMOs into baby bottles, sippy cups, and breakfast cereal, without even telling the FDA or consumers.

Because of their less-developed immune systems, infants and young children are more sensitive to toxins found in GMOs. And diseases linked to GMOs in animal-feeding studies are skyrocketing among America’s children. This can’t be a coincidence.

Children are More Vulnerable
• Infants and young children are more sensitive to toxins found in GMOs.
• Their immune system and blood brain barrier are not fully developed.

Again, diseases are skyrocketing among America’s children. Their disorders include the same ones identified in GMO animal feeding studies by the physicians group, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Enough is enough. Tell the FDA that they must stop companies from feeding our babies genetically modified infant formula and baby food and to stop using our kids as guinea pigs.


Stop Use of Manipulated Research by Monsanto

Upon discovering research that identified pesticides as a leading contributor to declining bee populations, Monsanto, a major producer of genetically modified foods, decided to simply buy out Beelogic, the research company.

Put a stop to this manipulation of research! »

Monsanto will now be able to point the blame away from chemicals used in GMO food production. And to make matters worse, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) may begin to use this bogus research, which will encourage other companies to fund and manipulate research as well. It is imperative that we find the real reasons why the bee population is declining.

Take action today. Together we can stop the USDA from utilizing research funded by Monsanto! »