Stop Mountain Top Removal

Stop Mountain Top Removal: Destroying Mountains, Rivers, Streams, and Our Childrens Future

Mountaintop removal is the permanent destruction of the ecosystem, the mountains and the people that depend on them. Massey Energy has a plan for Twilight West Virginia, and that plan is destruction – they want to destroy the town. They may promise prosperity but not for anyone but the few at the top. Contact

“they have taken everything away from me and now the final insult is, in what should be my retirement years, Patriot Coal wants to buy our life’s work and destroy it and run me and my family out of Twilight along with everyone else that lives here, just to mine the coal.”
-Frankie Moonie

Meet Frankie Mooney… He is a 40 year UMWA member and has 32 years of experience in underground coal mines. He has lost a brother, an uncle and his Dad to “accidents” in the mines. He is now permanently disabled from the impact that mining coal has had on his health. He has lived in the town of Twilight all of his life, on property that his family has occupied for generations.

Frankie was freely offered $775,000.00 for his place by Patriot Coal Company. He is now offering to sell his property to us for $125,000 less than he was offered. Frankie is willing to take the cut to help preserve this place, the local communities, and the access roads to many area cemeteries. Until OVEC can raise the funding for the purchase of his place, Frankie is willing to live in and fight the conditions that MTR is creating. Please understand that Frankie and his family do not have to make this choice.