More Corrupt Officials Supporting Big Business Coal

What a mess. The city of Lynch in Eastern Kentucky is trying to stop a mountaintop removal coal job nearby. The city is also trying to get some money from the county to help restore an old fire station.

Lynch KY Under threat of mountain top removal - stop the madness

The Mountains around the town threatened - Save Lynch KY

As told in the Harlan Daily Enterprise, the Harlan County Judge-Executive told the Lynch mayor he must negotiate with the coal company or the county would not fund the fire station. The mayor said this amounted to criminal coercion. The Judge said:

“I just told them that the coal companies are where the money comes from. If you’re not willing to work with them and you’re anti-coal, then the fiscal court members are not going to support you. They have already stated that. They don’t feel comfortable helping out cities with coal monies, when the city is not trying to work with the coal company.”

Contact this corrupt official:
Harlan County Judge Executive Office
P.O. Box 956
Harlan, KY 40831
(606)573-2600 (Office)
(606)573-3522 (Fax)

Joseph A. Grieshop

The residents of this eastern Kentucky town are in the middle of a long fight to halt mountaintop removal coal mining of the hills that surround it.