Run Your Car on Tap Water? Yes you Can!

The History of Science is the History of the Suppression of Great Inventions

Right now we have energy monopolies and cartels that will do anything to keep their pockets full and supress the technology that already exists to supply everyone with free energy.

We have opec and the 7 sister oil companies that control all the oil and energy
the people who run the energy business in this world, which is the biggest business
on the planet, turning over 4-5 trillion dollars a year, it’s bigger than guns and drugs, it’s bigger than defense – they control the newspapers, they control the governments, these companies are so big that they regulate the goverment which regulates them…

Run Your Car on Tap Water? Yes you Can!
US inventor Stan Meyers released his water powered engine in the us in 1988. the pentagon flew in a colonel to check it out. meyers invention.

Bruce De Palma (Inventor of the N-Machine) talks about one of the pivotal people he encounted in his career was Edgar J. Mitchell, a former apollo mission astronaut who founded founded the neuretics___ institute in southern california. the institutes charter was supposedly to develop alternative energy systems by attratcting inventors from all over the country. Mitchell became extremely interested in DePalma’s N Machine. He made De Palma a paltry offer to buy out the invention which De Palma naturally refused. DePalma recollects that Mitchell said to him “that if I ever tried anything on my own in California that I would get my head blown off. So I was scared to death. The CIA operates through various innocent looking fronts to find out what people are thinking and what they are inventing. ” There is no progressive science in a world where every scientific idea is evaluated for its military potential.

What’s more innocent than a denying institute founded on transendental principles to help new age inventors bring free energy to the world.

Tom Brown (former director borderland science foundation) If you invent a free energy machine…. That situation still exists in the United States today where a person who really understands what’s going on just can’t get their idea out because the alternative science and medical fields have been coopted by the intelligence services.

Les Banki (australian inventor water fuel appliances). For over a decade there have been private individuals running their cars on water. Somehow the news got out and one day he got visitors and he was told to dump the engine or else. 3 weeks later the man was dead and the corinors finding was that he fell off a train that we was drunk – but it just happens that he didn’t drink.

Stan DEYO (former FBI Operative/Author) Power, our energy and control of energy, equals power in the new world order which is emerging. If you control energy ( the way we get around, the way we get our electricity, the way we have our tvs and video cameras and stuff ) then you’ve got control of the people.

Everything in this universe is free energy. tesla –