Surface Mining is Destroying Communities: Take A Stand.

Right now, two important mountains are slated for destruction in Southern West Virginia and we need your help. This week the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is taking comments on the renewal of the now expired Camp Branch Permit on Blair Mountain, as well as the Beetree Surface Mine Permit on Coal River Mountain.

If approved, these surface mines would not only contribute the destruction of nearby communities by jeopardizing the health and economies of the people living beneath them, but these two mountains have become the line in the sand for our movement.

Thousands have now raised their voices to protect Coal River Mountain and Blair Mountain. We can’t lose momentum now! Please do your part and join us in the fight to protect these communities and save these important places.

Stop Mountain Top Removal

Stop Mountain Top Removal: Destroying Mountains, Rivers, Streams, and Our Childrens Future


Take Action Now!

Submit comments for Coal River Moutnain by August 9th –
Sumbit comments for Blair Mountain by August 13th –

In 1921, 10,000 workers marched on Blair Mountain to demand basic labor rights in the largest armed uprising in the nation apart from the Civil War. Just two months ago, 1,000 people gathered in Southern West Virginia to march on the same mountain as part of the Appalachia Rising March on Blair Mountain, demanding that the mountain be preserved and rightly recognized as a National Historic Place.

Just weeks later, two tree sitters began an occupation of Coal River Mountain, which as a result, have stopped blasting on the mountain for over two weeks. This occupation is ongoing as part of the RAMPS Campaign, and continues to prevent blasting on Coal River Mountain.

Over 500 mountains have been destroyed in Appalachia due to mountaintop removal. For the safety of the citizens of Blair and those in the Coal River Valley, please take action today and help us prevent these two mountains from being added to that list.

Thanks for all that you do!

Matt Wasson