The Day The Empire Fell: Vietnam, the circus, globalization, and Grandma Molly, from Baghdad to New Orleans

The Day The Empire Fell | Expanded Edition, Just Released »

Vincent Scotti Eirené is a consummate storyteller. In this book he offers poetic vignettes about his family and his lifelong journey into nonviolent peacemaking. Along the way he takes us across the country, from Pittsburgh to Chicago, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, the White House, New Orleans, Atlanta, and even beyond, to Fallujah and Baghdad. We meet an assortment of colorful characters, people like Grandma Molly, Phillip Berrigan, Hungry Bear, Uncle Joe, Black Panther Malik Rahim, Martin Sheen, judges, lawyers, activists and others. Stitched together, the stories serve as a striking miniature of our age. They form a snapshot of a time in American history, flashes of what Jack Kerouac did for an earlier era with his book On the Road. –Mark Vander Vennen, co-author of Hope in Troubled Times: A New Vision for Confronting Global Crises