Support #OccupyWallStreet

Featuring some strong words from Elizabeth Warren about why Wall Street is to blame. Watch:

America is broke: National Debt UP - Unemployment Rate UP - Home Equity DOWN - Wall Street Profits UP 720%!


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  1. Rather than protesting which accomplishes nothing when will the people wake up to their true power? Being consumers or not is the true strength of the people. STOP supporting wall street and the greedy corporations. You can protest, but when you go to McDonalds for lunch or Starbucks for your coffee or strap on your new Nikes that you bought with your capital one visa or bank of america debit card you are only furthering the power of the corporations. When you drive to the rally in your new Chevrolet you are not supporting the american worker you are saying to GM that no matter what they do you will support them. The power of the people is to hold those accountable by withholding funds from them. Stop buying NFL merchandise and tickets to the game and watch how quickly the prices will fall. in a capitalist society that we live in prices of goods are controlled by what people are willing to pay for an item. if we pay less there will be less for the CEO’s paycheck. If they try to reduce worker compensation then nobody works for them and levels will return to normal. Americans need to stop giving in and accepting things. We have the power and we need to use it effectively. Protesting does little if nobody cares except the protesters and their fringe followers. You need the mass of the people not the few.

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