A Cold Play on Occupy Wall Street

Thursday the NYPD in conjunction with the Fire Dept. seized all generators from the occupation at Liberty Plaza despite predictions of freezing temperatures and snow.

“We’ve got five bike-powered generator systems that are coming from Boston and we’ve got five more plus other ones that are going to supplement as well so we’re completely, completely off the grid,” said demonstrator Lauren Minis.

Insiders at Occupy Wall Street say they expect to have their media center and the food service area fully powered and illuminated by Monday. FROM THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY WIRE

I’m glad you guys are adapting, that’s how it should work. Generators confiscated? Find another way to create power. It may suck at first, but think about this: You are also inadvertently eliminating your dependence from large very wealthy oil companies. You guys are refining and evolving. That’s a GREAT path to blaze!

People are curious because they want to get into alternative energy but have very little exposure to it, so you guys are the working example. Remember you’re the future!