Push Button. Save Planet.

Push button. Save planet.

By now you don’t need to be convinced that climate change is happening. Record-setting heat waves, storms, and droughts are all occurring with increased intensity and regularity, making change visible to all.

But while we’re all familiar with the problem, solutions haven’t been as simple to talk about. In fact, it often feels like there’s very little any one individual can do.

Until today.

Sign here to support the EPA’s historic limit on carbon pollution.


For the first time ever, the EPA has proposed a limit on carbon pollution. It’s a courageous and critical step toward curbing carbon emissions from fossil-fuel-fired power plants and solving the climate crisis.

And it’s your opportunity to take real action.

By clicking here you will be signing and sending a message to the White House that this measure is a step in the right direction — a direction of leadership on the issue of climate-altering carbon pollution. It could just be the most important click you ever make.

Support the EPA’s historic limit on carbon pollution — then pass this on to your friends so they can sign, too.

Push button. Save planet. (Clicking this link will automatically sign your name to the petition!)


Maggie L. Fox
President and CEO
The Climate Reality Project

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