Evicted at Gunpoint: Wells Fargo vs. cancer patient…

My friend Niko Black has lived in the home she owns for over twenty years. She was perplexed when Wells Fargo took possession of her home and then evicted her — especially since she doesn’t have a mortgage or account with them at all. How could Wells Fargo take control over a home they don’t own?

Niko posted a court order protecting her from eviction on her door, but local police broke into her home and forced her to leave at gunpoint as she struggled to pull her frail body into her wheelchair.

I know that other people like Niko have used Change.org successfully to stop banks from foreclosing on them — that’s why I started a petition asking Wells Fargo to comply with a federal court order and allow my friend Niko back into her home. Click here to sign my petition.

Niko has a rare form of cancer that keeps her homebound. Her health is so fragile that she had a seizure during the eviction — and she says the police did nothing to help her as she grasped for her medication. It wasn’t even until another friend arrived at the scene that an ambulance was called.

Niko’s home is specially set-up to assist her daily nursing care and physical therapy. The head of her hospital has even written in support of returning her home immediately. Each day that Niko cannot access her home care jeopardizes her critically unstable condition. I can’t stand to see my friend continue to suffer.

Click here now to sign my petition asking Wells Fargo to allow my friend Niko back into her home and stop this unlawful foreclosure — before her condition worsens.

Thank you for your support.

Linda Rife
Friend of Niko Black
Tustin, CA