No To War: Celebrating 40 years of activism.

www.notowar.com is the work of global activist Vincent Scotti Eirene who is celebrating his 40th year as an activist. Vincent has been working for peace and justice since 1968 where at the age of 16 he became activated because of the assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Since then he has devoted his life to helping others.

Starting with the early act of raising funds for the reconstruction of Bach Mai Hospital, a hospital destroyed in North Vietnam, through recent trips to the mountains of West Virginia to protest mountain top removal, Vince has been a tireless activist.

During the late seventies thru the early ninties, Vincent was in and out of prision for civil disobediance for protesting against the nuclear arms race and nuclear power. Actively participating against sanctions against Iraq and war in Iraq, Vince helped organize an independent delegation of journalists that traveled to Baghdad, filming and recording their encounters.

Vince cared for the homeless out of his home in Pittsburgh for 35 years, founding and running the Catholic Worker House known as “Duncan and Porter House”. He has spoken on campuses and gatherings all across the country and has recently travelled 6 times to New Orleans to do relief and justice work. The most current road trips are to West Virginia where greed and power are destroying the beautiful mountaintops.

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